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Treatment decision guide

This interactive flow chart will help you prepare for your discussion with a healthcare professional. Answer yes or no to each of the questions. Once you have answered all the questions, you will have the option of printing the sheet off to take with you when seeing your healthcare professional.

1. Do you have menopausal symptoms like hot flushes or night sweats?

2. Do you have psychological symptoms like low mood?

3. Are you suffering from vaginal dryness/and or a low libido?

4. Are you worried/and or have osteoporosis?

5. Are your symptoms impacting your life?

6. Are you at risk/and or have been diagnosed with breast cancer?

7. Are you at risk/and or have been diagnosed with venous thromboembolism?

8. Are you at risk / or had a stroke?

9. Are you older than 40?

10. Do you have a womb?

11. Do you feel informed about the benefits and risks of HRT?

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