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Discussing your symptoms

These questions may help you discuss the menopause with your healthcare team.

Keeping a record

You should try to keep a record of when your last period took place and your period patterns. Also keep a note (or symptom diary) of symptoms you may be suffering from, such as:
  • How many hot flashes are you getting per week
  • How severe are they
  • How many nights are you waking up per week due to night sweats


  •    How is the menopause diagnosed
  •    Is there a menopause test I can take
  •    Can the menopause be diagnosed if I am taking a hormonal treatment

About menopause

  • What should I expect during the menopause
  • Can I become pregnant during the menopause
  • What should I expect if I am having medical treatment that will trigger menopause
  • What menopause support organisations are in my local area
  • What menopause information is available for family or carers

About premature menopause (premature ovarian insufficiency)

  • What causes premature menopause
  • Why does premature menopause happen
  • What health risks are associated with untreated premature menopause
  • Can I become pregnant after premature menopause


  • What lifestyle changes should I make to help my menopausal symptoms
  • Will physical activity improve menopausal symptoms
  • Will changing diet improve menopausal symptoms
  • Will being overweight or a smoker limit my menopause treatment options
  • What menopause treatments are available if I am overweight
  • What menopause treatments are available if I am a smoker
  • How commonare night sweats

Treatment for menopausal symptoms

  •    What types of treatment are right for my menopausal symptoms
  • What are the benefits and risks of different menopause treatments
  • What complementary therapies can help with menopausal symptoms
  • Are complementary therapies safe during menopause treatment
  •    Can I continue to take antidepressants while receiving treatment for my mood changes during the menopause
  • Why is hormone replacement therapy (HRT) recommended
  • What are the alternatives to HRT
  •    What type of HRT is right for me
  • How quickly does HRT work
  • Can I become pregnant during HRT
  • When should I stop taking HRT and how
  • Is it okay to stop HRT
  • Are there any serious side effects from HRT
  • What are the long-term effects of HRT
  • What additional information is available about menopause treatment

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